Army Commendation Medal and Ribbon

Army Commendation Ribbon
Army Commendation Medal
Army Commendation Ribbon

Army Commendation Medal

History - Established 1945

Established in 1945, the Army Commendation Medal honors members of the United States Armed Forces who have demonstrated outstanding performance and notable behavior over a period of time. Eligible terms of service are those taking place after December 6, 1941 or, for foreign awardees, June 1, 1962; eligible acts of courage typically do not involve risking one’s life.


The medal is hexagonal in shape and features the image of an eagle grasping three arrows and bearing a shield on its chest.The ribbon is green with five thin vertical white stripes toward the center as well as white edging.

Oak leaf clusters may be issued to indicate subsequent awards, and the “V” device may be issued for feats involved enemy contact.

Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster
Silver Oak Leaf Cluster
Bronze V