Army Sea Duty Ribbon

Army Sea Duty Ribbon
Army Sea Duty Ribbon

History - Established 2006

Established on April 17, 2006, the Army Sea Duty Ribbon is a joint award of the United States Armed Forces and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. It honors personnel who have carried out duty on designated vessels.

To be eligible for the Army version of the award, individuals must complete two years on designated units as well as no fewer than 25 days underway per year and two training exercises per year; alternatively, the award may be issued for a deployment term of 90 days on an underway watercraft.


The ribbon is bisected by a thin beige stripe and features a thin stripe of brown followed by a slightly thicker stripe of light turquoise, teal, yellow, red, and dark blue proceeding outward on each side.

Subsequent awards may be indicated by bronze or silver service stars.

Bronze Star
Silver Star