Indian Campaign Medal and Ribbon

Indian Campaign Ribbon
Indian Campaign Medal
Indian Campaign Ribbon

Indian Campaign Medal

History - Established 1907

Established in 1907, the Indian Campaign Medal honors United States military members who carried out service in the American Indian Wars between the years of 1865 and 1891.

Qualifying campaigns include the following:

-Between 1865 and 1868 in northern California, Idaho, Nevada, and southern Oregon
-Between 1867 and 1875 in Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas and Indian Territory
-Between 1872 and 1873 in the Modoc War
-In 1873 in Arizona against Apache forces
-Between 1876 and 1877 against the Northern Cheyennes and Sioux
-In 1877 in the Nez Perce War
-In 1878 in the Bannock War
-Between 1878 and 1879 against the Northern Cheyennes
-Between 1879 and 1880 in Colorado and Utah against the Utes
-Between 1885 and 1886 in Arizona and New Mexico against the Apaches
-Between 1890 and 1891 in South Dakota against the Sioux
-Between 1865 and 1891 in any other action resulting in death or injury to United States soldiers by American Indians


The ribbon is bronze and features an American Indian warrior on horseback, framed by arrowheads and an inscription reading “INDIAN WARS.” The reverse features an eagle grasping weaponry; thirteen stars appear on the lower portion of the medal, and an inscription reading “UNITED STATES NAVY - FOR SERVICE” frames the eagle. The ribbon was originally solid red; a thin vertical black stripe was added toward each edge in 1917 to distinguish it from the French Legion of Honor.

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