Kansas National Guard Homeland Defense Ribbon

Kansas National Guard Homeland Defense Ribbon
Kansas National Guard Homeland Defense Ribbon


The Kansas National Guard Homeland Defense Service Ribbon honors Kansas National Guard members and civilians who performed services related to homeland defense, generally in support of Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Noble Eagle. The period of eligibility begins on September 11, 2001, and requires that 30 or more days of qualifying service have been carried out starting on or after that date.

The Kansas National Guard is composed of the Kansas Army National Guard and the Kansas Air National Guard. The Army component’s roots trace back to the Kansas Territorial Militia, which was established in 1855 to maintain order amid growing pre-Civil War tensions between pro-slavery and abolitionist factions. It numbers approximately 5,500 soldiers and has headquarters in both Topeka and Salina. The Air component dates back to 1941, when the 127th Observation Squadron came into being, and it is based in Topeka.


The ribbon is red with four thin vertical white stripes toward the center alternating with three thin vertical blue stripes; a slightly thicker blue stripe appears on each edge.

For individuals receiving the award in recognition of contributions to Operation Enduring Freedom or Noble Eagle on official orders, such as mobilization, are also issued the “M” device.

Bronze Mobilization M