Kansas National Guard Meritorious Service Ribbon

Kansas National Guard Meritorious Service Ribbon
Kansas National Guard Meritorious Service Ribbon

History - Established 1979

Established on July 1, 1979, the Kansas National Guard Meritorious Service Ribbon honors Kansas National Guard members who set themselves apart from their peers through a heroic feat or a sustained term of outstanding service exceeding expectations. Accomplishments in recruitment may also warrant the award,as per the following criteria:

-Novel or especially effective retention techniques or strategies, typically not by individuals for whom recruitment is a primary duty
-The successful enlistment of ten new members, or activity related thereto, within one year
-For individuals whose primary duties involve recruitment, performance that exceeds designated goals for six months consecutively
-General excellence or noteworthy acts related to State recruiting endeavors.

The Kansas National Guard is composed of the Kansas Army National Guard and the Kansas Air National Guard. The Army component’s roots trace back to the Kansas Territorial Militia, which was established in 1855 to maintain order amid growing pre-Civil War tensions between pro-slavery and abolitionist factions. It numbers approximately 5,500 soldiers and has headquarters in both Topeka and Salina. The Air component dates back to 1941, when the 127th Observation Squadron came into being, and it is based in Topeka.


The ribbon is red and is bisected by a thin vertical white stripe.

Subsequent awards may be indicated by oak leaf clusters, and the bronze “V” device may be awarded for an act of heroism.

Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster
Silver Oak Leaf Cluster
Bronze V