Coast Guard Achievement Medal and Ribbon

Coast Guard Achievement Ribbon
Coast Guard Achievement Medal
Coast Guard Achievement Ribbon

Coast Guard Achievement Medal

History - Established 1967

Established in 1967, the Coast Guard Achievement Medal is the U.S. Coast Guard-specific version of the Achievement Medal. Each branch of the military offers a version of the award, and the United States Department of Defense has also authorized a version of the award to recognize joint activity among more than one branch. The award category was established in order to offer recognition to junior officers and other personnel who do not meet the eligibility criteria for the Meritorious Service Medal or the Commendation Medal.


The medal is gold and features the image of the Coast Guard Seal. The ribbon is green and is bisected by a thin vertical white stripe; it features a thicker red stripe toward each edge.

Subsequent awards may be indicated by service stars as well as the “V” device or Operational Distinguishing Device as appropriate.

Silver Star
Gold Star
Bronze V
Silver O