Combat Readiness Medal and Ribbon

Combat Readiness Ribbon
Combat Readiness Medal
Combat Readiness Ribbon

Combat Readiness Medal

History - Established 1964

Established on March 9, 1964, the Combat Readiness Medal honors members of the United States Air Force who demonstrate continued noteworthy preparedness for direct weapon-system employment for a minimum agglomerated term of two years without any gaps in excess of 120 days.The Combat Readiness Medal was initially higher-ranking than commendation and lifesaving medals as well as the Purple Heart but has since been amended.


The medal is bronze and features an inverted triangle atop a with an extended ray pointing upward to join the ribbon; the triangles are overlaid on a compass rose design. The ribbon is red with a stripe of light blue toward each edge bisected by a thin dark blue stripe.

Subsequent awards may be indicated by oak leaf clusters.

Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster
Silver Oak Leaf Cluster


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