NATO Medal Medal and Ribbon

NATO Medal Ribbon
NATO Medal Medal
NATO Medal Ribbon

NATO Medal Medal


The NATO Medal honors military members and civilians who carried out service in support of designated NATO operations. Currently, ten editions exist, including versions that recognize service in the following areas or operations:

-Article 5 Operations: Eagle Assist and Active Endeavour
-Non-Article 5 Operations: Balkans, ISAF, NTM-Iraq, and Pakistan.

Awards of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) honor the members of international militaries who carry out service on NATO’s behalf. Established in 1949 through the North Atlantic Treaty, NATO is a group of allied international military forces committed to supporting one another in the event of conflict.


The medal features a compass rose framed by a wreath of laurels. The ribbon is blue with one vertical white stripe bisected by a thin silver stripe toward each edge.Clasps may be used to indicate participation in specific operations.

Additional awards may be indicated by bronze service stars. Clasps are authorized but are not to be worn on Air Force uniforms.

Bronze Star


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